Savanna, Wild Island Series, Cask 121. “Forrest” – 100/100

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Title på Rom:

Savanna, Wild Island Series, Cask 121. “Forrest”





Rom type:

Single Cask




Merry Christmas everybody or as i would say “góðr Yul”😉 Here is my little Present to all of you. My personal Rum of the year🥰

2020 has been crazy in so many ways. BLM, US President election, corvid 19 pandemic and so on. But allso in rum, this year had been extraordinary. Velier has had so many releses in both Caroni employees, habitation, villa paradisetto, Appleton hearts collection and now all these damn birds🙄 hard to keep track😅 but besides Velier, plantation has released its new Extreme 4 Series, plus its whole 2020 Single cask Series. Lots of random funky finishes, some turned out very good!! Some not so good😏 This is just the mainstream. On top of this, hampden destillery, rom de luxe, S.B.S., Compagnie des indes and the New brand Nobilis has given us some really nice bottles this year!! BUT one destillery has given us something truely special. On its 150th anniversary, they have put out 7 bottles to celebrate. 4 of Them is called the “Wild Island Series” and amongst these we have cask 121 “Forrest”. This was Instant love on my account😍🥰 hope you Will enjoy it as much as i do😉
Lets get to it💪🏽🥃


No doubt you’re dealing with a savanna grand arome, but compared to lava this is much deeper and balanced😋 Notes of chocolate, pineapple and banana comes into perfect harmony and makes you wanna just sit and breathe it in all Night🥰🥃


The oily liquid start prickling on your tongue, turning into a tutti frutti explosion, but with deep notes of spices, chocolate and tobacco in the background. Every time you take a sip, a new buffet of notes amerge to spoil you, without ever being too much🤯 This is elegant and sofisticated but as full of surprices as a swiss knife. If this was a person it would be James Bond😎🥃


The Tobacco sits in the back of your throat and on your breath, while the fruits, especially pineapple, lies on your tongue😋 This stays with you for a long time😍 but still, Thank god the bottle is not empty😁🥃

This is as good as it comes, my imagination simply dont go beyond this🤷🏼‍♂️

If you havent tasted this yet, dont wait! And a little hint. Taste it up against lava and start with the lava, this way the notes become even more clear😉

And merry x-mas to you all😁