Savanna Lava & Thunderstruck – 95/100

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Savanna - Lava & Thunderstruck





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Single Cask




💥Champion Vs The Contender💥

I am really excited about this review! Thunderstruck has for a Long time been One of my all time favorites, ever since the First time it took my Head off with a clean uppercut and left me to the vultures🤯😜
And now comes Lava, the One everybody is hyped about, “the new thunderstruck” Some Might say. Lets put that to the test😉


Nose is Strong! Full of Salty licorise and chemicals. Kind of like When your mom cleaned your biohazard toilet with hydrochloric acid, when you were a teen🤔But at the same time it has this citric sour trademark that tells you this is savanna!

When hitting the tongue, the liquid attacks your mouth with a numming kick to the groin. As if it’s carbonated, your tongue starts to prickle all over. The salty licorice takes over, moving over to the savanna sour and then oak. The oak removes all fluids From your mouth for a minute, as if you just took a punch to the face👊🏼 When waking up on the canvas and coming back to your senses, you mouth becomes moist again and along with it, the most gentle sweetness. Leaving you with a mouth full of gummibears😊



Nose is very suttle. Maybe because i just inhaled hydrochloric acid🤨 there is a bit of citrus fruit and overripe banana along side a hint of varnish😊
The savanna sour is present in the back ground, leaving space for others to have their shine🤩

This is Way more oily and voluminous in your mouth. The well know explosion in your mouth kicks off and leaves just as fast. This One isnt going for the Quick take down. This little fellow sticks a jab, and Will wear you down. Again, licorice is a clear note, along with spices and lemon. Even thou this has 1,4% more on the AVB it’s a lot more ballanced and suttle. Lets say a suttle kick to the groin🤔 and yet again it apologises for leaving your taste palet in complete ruin, by replacing it gummibears🥰


This was CLOSE!! I see why People World Call lava the new thunderstruck, yet lava doesnt have the inpredictability as thunderstruck. They are both Wild explosions and separate i belive they might be VERY alike, but in my Book, thunderstruck wins by split decisions😉