Euphonia Vs Sad Flycatcher – 70/100

DKK 15,00



Title på Rom:

Endemic Bird Series





Rom type:

Single Cask






💥Endemic Bird Battle💥


Okay!!! As promised here are the two Danish bird up against each other.

To be certain i wouldnt have any predetermined oppinions i did this as a blind tasting. Only my wife knew what was in the glasses.
Lets begin😁🥃

Glas 1.

Good nose😋 even thou the hampden funk isnt overwhelming in this one. Its light and easy, with notes of flowers and hidden in the depth is a christmasy note of cinnamon and cloves.🎄

The second it hits the tongue sweetness spreads, but this is fastly Exchanged by a sharp, Spicey dryness that leaves your mouth Like the Sahara dessert. If you are looking for at funky hampden, this is not it!! No doubt this is plus 60%, the alcohol burns, and not the way you Want it too🔥

The aftertaste is bland… not much but a dry mouth and a acidified tongue. Not a fan🙁

Glas 2

This one has more volume to it, bit more funk, this is deffinently hampden🥰 the essence of rum with a light note of nail polish remover with out being too much. This is more monotonous then the first, but more hampden😊

Palet: again more volume, the liquid feels oily and smooth. The funky hamden note eases its way in without being intrucing in any way. this is easy drinking. Not too complex, not a challenge… this is for everyone.

Aftertaste: it oozes off quite fast. Leaves a trail of nuts in the back of your mouth. Wouldnt say im disappointed, but i lack a bit more substance.

And now the revealing!!!🙈

Glas 1 = Euphonia, Juuls, 65/100

Glas 2 = Sad Flycatcher, Romhatten 70/100

So looking at these 2, SF at 215€ and Euphonia at 270€, SF is by far a better buy. That said, as i feared with this whole velier bird series, so far quality doesnt Meat the Price range. Oldest rum is 10y and highest Ester Mark is LROK. Price is simply too High compared to quality. Without having tasted the others, i wouldnt be surprised if that will be a general theme.