Alta Gama, Essentia 1, 21y Barbados

DKK 15,00



Title på Rom:

Essentia #1


Alta Gama



Rom type:

Single Cask




Alta Gama, Essentia 1
21y single Cask Foursquare

No rest for the wicked😉

Not Long ago I reviewed the Sassafras. Then 2 days ago i stumbled upon this little Beauty. 21y Old Single cask Foursquare. 8 years tropical ageing at the destillery, followed by 13 years Continental ageing in England. Only 210 bottles at 61% cask strength. And on top of that, 40€ cheaper than Sassafras Retail Price. So now comes the Great question. Can this fairly unknown brand compete with Velier? Lets find out😉


A light, sweet scent raises from the glas. It’s not the typical dominating oak, vanilla, coconut. This is more of a toffee and Milk chocolate, But very neutral. Must be a very light destilate.
Nothing more really comes out. Hope it has more taste than scent.


Okay wauw!! What lacks in the nose, it deffinently makes up for in taste. A full bodied oily liquid fills my mouth. Coconut, burnt toffee and oranges explodes. This overwhelms me with impressions. Warm Dark notes, brings me to the hot humid latin American jungle at sunset. Spices and very suttle notes of Rich Dark chocolate, leaves me in content. This is surprisingly Nice🥰


The really pleasant burnt toffee, hangs on along side the spices, But not for Long. This is like a SWAT assult team. Quick in, Quick out. Before you know what hit you😂

This One is quite fun. Nose and Aftertaste is nothing special, allmost non excisting. But seriously, with that taste i dont Care!! This was nothing less of phenomenal. I would buy this One for drinking, any day over Velier Foursquare. Very Nice glass at a very fair Price. Nose and Aftertaste Will have to deduct in score thou.


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Till next time!