Auld Alliance, 1993 Caroni

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1993 Caroni, Auld Alliance & Colheitas


Auld Alliance



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Single Cask




27y, 1993 Caroni by Auld Alliance and Colheitas.


In Singapore, the whisky bar Auld Alliance resides. They have been very succesfull in picking out some Great rums in the past thou. Hampden 35 in colap with Corman Collins is the First One that comes to mind😉🥃 lets see if they are as succesfull with their Caroni Pick😉



As i inhale. Associations to an Old Dusty garage comes to mind. The Caroni notes are easy noticable, But this has a freshness to it. Like on a warm summer day. Menthol makes me Think of the legendary “The Beast” from Bristol. This has similarities, But nowhere near as Dark and heavy. Spices, nuts, varnish and a hint of sweet tea, tops it up😋



the light and smoothe liquid feels fresh and even Cool at it enters my mouth. Citric fruits, mixed with the typical gasoline, asphalt and tare, kicks in. Then comes the menthol! Again im reminded of the Beast. But this is more like if the Beast had a hot, sexy wife😜 Smooth, elegant, sensual, with a twist of Wild and dirty😜 it deffinently has a bite to it, but a very enjoyable One😉



The menthol lingers and keeps the freshness. A plesant sensation of velvet or slik in my mouth appears. Everything about this rum just caresses you and leaves you wanting more.


In my opinion, deffinently One of the better Caroni Ive tasted. I honestly really like “The Beast”. A rum that devides the mob. As i Said befor this reminds me of it But much more refined. Elegant. Balanced. But still with a bite to it😉




till next time