Enmore REV Duel

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Title på Rom:

Guyana, 1994 Enmore REV


V&M, S.B.S



Rom type:

Single Cask




Valinch & Mallet Vs S.B.S

Two bottles of the Legendary destilate Enmore REV, was released within a Year. First One was released in late 2020, from the Italian Brand Valinch & Mallet, as a part of the Series: “The Spirit Is Art”. Six Beautiful bottles in total, 4 rums and 2 Whiskys. 2.nd bottle is from Danish 1423, as a part of their 2021 Single cask release, under the brand S.B.S.
Both Bottles are from 1994, But there are a few differences. S.B.S had a bit longer in the barrel and reached the age of 27. V&M says 26yo😊 Besides that V&M has a slightly Higher ABV with it’s 52,5% Vs S.B.S` 48,5%😊 Lets see who has the best Pick🥃😉


Valinch & Mallet, 1994 Enmore REV, 52,5%


Heavy, Dark and dirty😜 tarmat and bit of Gasoline. Not like Caroni, But it’s there😋 Pepper, licorice, spices and a bit of medicinal notes kick in. This is really Nice! Complex but in harmony. The alcohol is very well integrated😊👍🏼


Smoothe and oily as i swirl it around in my mouth. I Can hardly feel the alcohol. A freshness explodes in my mouth, Like menthol, the second i swallow. The alcohol kicks in alongside dusins of expressions💥 pepper, licorice, burnt wood, tannins and lots more i cant pinpointe as is all happens so fast. It’s all replaced by an allmost tangy bitterness. Not a huge fan of this part, But it disappears as fast as it came.


Salty Licorice, overwhelms me and leave only a little room for anything Else. A bit of menthol freshness alongside the dirty garage floor lurks in the shadows😊 This thing just keeps on giving😋🥃


S.B.S, 1994 Enmore REV, 48,5%


No doubt this is the same destilate❤️ All though this One seems a bit lighter and easyer. Tarmat, gasoline, licorice, pepper and medicinal. All the same. But as i said, this seems lighter in a way. Allmost has  a sweetness to it. I want to say Raisins🤔 Very Nice as well👍🏼🥃


Feels cool and fresh at First. When i swallow, a soapy note strikes me😳 Ive tried this Once before. Soap does not belong in a rum. With the other One my partner couldnt taste it. Just me. I guess it like how some people experience Koriander as Soapy.😅 Anyway!! Besides this licorice and spices are a dominant factor, alongside Nuts, Wood and tannins.


The soapy sensation is stuck in my mouth😕 I feel like i ate a licorice my daughter had dropped in her bathtub🙈


Wauw This did NOT go as i expected. This little detail completely ruined it for me😕 This only Confirms to me how different people experience taste. Lots of my friends loves the SBS Enmore REV, unfortunately im not able to enjoy it😠 Dont let this scare you, im sure it’s just me🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

Vallich & Mallet 88/100

S.B.S 70/100


till next time😉