Appleton Hearts Collection

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Appleton Hearts Collection





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Blend, Single Cask





Up untill now Appleton is know as One of the oldest estates in Jamaica releasing mostly mainstream blended rum at relatively low ABV. This is the First Pure Single Rum from the destillery in a loooong time AND at a high ABV on top of that😋 Lets have a look at what they made for us😉


Color on all 3 is identical, even thou No color has been added and there is a 5 year spread. But the color is beautiful and bright as light polished amber👍🏼

Nose at First makes you Think of Hampden. No doubt the Ester is present along with a suttle hint of varnish and green Apples. Had this been a blind test. I would have put my House on the Line, saying this was hampden.

As the liquid hits the tongue you feel the citric notes drying up your mouth. Spices and licorice opens up, revolving into roasted nuts and chocolate. This is a Dark rum with body and soul. The spices and volume stays with you only broken by Small bursts og berries.



Color same as above.

Nose is sweet and light. Overipe fruit along side citrus and a lighter note of esters than before. The alcohol is better intergrated here. A suttle note takes me to the Streets of af tropical island. Best Way to descripe it is warm dust. This is hot tropical summer in a glass☀️🏝🥃

Velvet hits your tongue, But fruits are gone. Here comes the heavy, Dark body from the 94, But this is more balanced! Nuts, chocolate and caramel fudge, mixed with Wood from the barrel. As it wears off the darkness loosens it’s grip to make room for sweetness, leaving you, wanting nutella for breakfast😉



Color as above

Nose is a lot lighter in this one. Like a lighter destilate then the others. You still sense the esters, unfortunately it’s like something is missing. Dont get me wrong, it’s Nice and easy like a sommer breeze. Just a bit too easy in my oppinion🤔

But wauw! Taste makes up for it!! This is smooth and oily, as it distributes it self to every corner of your mouth. Coffee and Dark Rich cocolate, with a hint of spices, it’s very similar to the 95, but with an even more velvety sensation and a bit lighter. Again the aftertaste of nutella reminds you of breakfast at your grandparents house. Not bad at all😋


Out of the 3, 95 wins by point, only because of the nose. When it comes to taste alone, i actually prefer the 1999. Not by much, But here everything counts😉

All in all i Think all 3 are very Nice, Appleton did well👍🏼 only problem for me is the price. 240€ is alot for a bottle that reminds me very much of a 120€ bottle from Hampden.

Till next time!!