French Endemic Birds

DKK 15,00



Title på Rom:

Endemic Bird series





Rom type:

Single Cask




Endemic Birds, France.

Some time ago i asked members of my page, what they would like me to review. One said Hampden birds, besides the two danish i had allready done a review on. SO!! Here’s two of them😉

Chestnut bellied cuckoo, 8y OWH, bottled for Whisky Live Paris 2020.


Very pleasant, well integrated alcohol. Light and sweet. Lots of fruits like Banana, pineapple and rassberries😊 not much funk thou, not your typical Hampden🤔 the lack of ester notes is very unusual. But it still a Nice light and easy destilate.


Yeah and this is where it cracks🥴 A deja vu from the two Danish birds. The alcohol feels acidous in your mouth. Leaving only room for the dry nutty notes. Hazelnut and a bit of cask. And it’s over before it really started🤷🏼‍♂️


Well at least it stays with you for a while. The mild sweetness from the nose appears and stays with you. Trying to convince you that what you just had was worth over 200€. But it’s not… it’s a trap👎🏼🥃


Black Bird, 8y OHW, bottled for France.


Very sweet and fresh. Clear notes of sweet oranges and a bit of Papaya. A bit medicinal as well and more jamaican funk! With this One i would actually guess Jamaica in a blind test.😉


This One is actually easier on the mouth as First. Allmost oily and velvety. Untill it strikes. Again the alcohol takes a bite😬 But unlike the others, this is over fast! Notes of licorice and spices appears. The obligatory notes of nuts and cask tags along, But not in the same bland Way as the others. This One is actually very well balanced and Nice, with a bit of compexity😊👍🏼


A warmth stays in your mouth. The Licorice and spices stays with you. Keeps you warm and cozy😁 this is not bad. Not bad at all😁🥃


Okay… so far i have NOT been a fan of the Endemic Bird Series. The Black Bird has given me 1 positive out of 4. Even thou this was a very decent drink, im still not impressed. I had better, cheaper. Overpriced marketing stunt🤷🏼‍♂️ this im just my humble oppinion of course.

Try for yourself! Or dont😂