Battle of Rockley Still 1986

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Rockley Still 1986


Silver Seal, Rum Artesanal, Nobilis



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Single Cask




Nobilis Vs Silver Seal Vs RA


THIS just might be my most anticipated Tasting ever. Eversince I tasted the legendary WIRD Rockley still for the First time and was blown away. This was the Silver Seal and I found out 2 more bottles was on it’s way. Only logical thing to do was to get a hold of the 2 others and do a Vs. Thank god i still had some left of my Silver Seal sample😅 So here we go💪🏼
But First a little need to know about the Rockley still style.



Barbados contains some very Nice destilleries. Amongst them WIRD (West Indies Rum Destillery) is in my opinion the least renowned. Despite that, they are the creators of One of the absolute best destilates in the World! The Rockley still. And especially the 86s. Only problem is, they have No idea how to replicate it! About 100 years ago, WIRD started buying the Old potstills from Small closes destilleries. This included from the Small estate Black rock. SO we are pretty sure the Rockley still is in WIRD posession, but the one they suspect to be the Rockley still, has been out of service for 50-60 years. Witch makes me come to the conclusion, that the name Rockley still is just that, a name. And since nobody knows Jack shit about these barrels, they are more rare than Caroni. So lets enjoy them while we Can😉🥃

The Tasting

To make this extra fun, i had my wife poor the 3 different rum into 3 different glasses. Only she knows the identity of the 3 brands😉

I Will name them 1,2 and 3 and identity them in the end. Hope you Will enjoy this as much as i Will😉



1: First thought is High ester Hampden. Varnish, rubber and ripe fruit. The alcohol is a bit harsh and hard to pass by. In the background a Small hint of Savanna tutti frutti sticks it’s head out. As it gets more time, it reveals something i Can only describe as a Dusty dirt Road in the heat and a hint of licorice.

2: here the overripe tutti frutti Savanna note is much more dominant! Alcohol is better integrated and seems more smooth than the First One. Weak notes of tea and oak are noticeable. This has a full body and you Can allmost imagine the Thinkness When you drink it.

3: this One is hard on the nose. There is not the same fullbodied sweetness as in the two others. Reminds me a bit of New Yarmouth. Raw and untamed. Notes include, varnish, and rubber like the First One. But this is more unbalanced.


1. Hmm… A salty, Dusty dryness hits First, then comes the varnish and alcohol. As it Burns off the Savanna jumps out of the bush. But not as a full flower Power of fruity sweets. It’s more like dry fruits. More concentrated and sharp. As it wears off, Dark licorice takes over. It’s really dominant. Reminding me of the Savanna Unshared cask for german Haromex. It’s really funny how much two destilates from two different places on the planet Can be so similar.
After taste leaves you with the fruity Savanna. Had i not know, i would have guessed Savanna for sure!

2: mmm yeah, there is the thickness i imagined! it’s alot more savage in the mouth than to the nose. Not in a bad Way! You just feel it’s Force. Taste nodes are actually very similar to the First One, but this One feels more balanced in a Way. It is a lot less fruity in the Aftertaste thou. And licorice more suttle. There is No doubt these the are identical destilates!

3: okay this is actually alot more smooth than i had thought from the nose. The liquid is Thick and oily. Alcohol is noticable But not much for about 54%. Still the Savanna is present. But this One has a roasted touch to it. Kind of like the Dusty sensation from the First One, But this is a Bit darker. Not as far as peated, But roasted. As it wears of the licorice drops by and a glimps of toffee joins in.


Points are. As of now i still dont know the i dentity🙈 ready to find out??

1- 88/100

2- 92/100

3- 92/100

1. Rum Artesanal

2. Silver Seal

3. Nobilis


Wauw!! This was so much fun!!! When i tasted SS for the First time 3-4 months ago it blew my mind. Its still in top But now shareing 1st place with the Nobilis. They are amazing in very different ways One has more nose than the other and the other bit more taste to it.
only thing i know for sure is that all these 3 bottles are worth to try, But SS and Nobilis takes the prize🏆🥇


hope you all enjoyed this just half as much as me😁

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im really sorry for the mistake! It Got a bit late doing the review. And i mixed up 1 and 2. It has now been corrected and the review is applicable.