SBS, New Yarmouth 1994

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New Yarmouth

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Single Cask




SBS New Yarmouth 1994

Not Long ago 1423 released their 2021 SBS bottles. Lots of Nice bottles! And many of them was torn Down from the shelves before the retaliers had evnen finished unpacking them. One of them, was this 26y column destilled New Yarmouth. NY is mostly know for their explosive High ester potstill, But actually most of their batches are columnstill and some, very well balanced😋 last time i tasted i NY this Old, the cask had taken over and even thou it was very Nice, it could just as well have been a rum from a unknow destillery in central America. I hope this One is better😉
Lets check it out😛🥃


Very Nice! The sweet scent of summer in the tropics hits me. Coconut, toffee, vanilla. First association is Foursquare But with something more. Floral notes and even minerals. The alcohol keeps in Line and the 57% seems very well balanced😋
I could spend hours with my Nose in i this🥰 Hope scent and taste goes hand in hand😁


Hmm… here the ABV actually seems higher🤔 The liquid is powerfull and potent as it Enters my mouth and stings my tongue. 2nd zip is much better!! Although i find it a bit bitter at First, toffee and coconut dominates, with an underline of tobacco and a bit of coffee. This is all over the place and im not sure if im having a seizure or my tastebuds are😅


Aftertaste groes a bit darker. Nuts and spices starts out in the back of my mouth. But as it Slowly disappears, the coconut shows up again and leaves a soft feeling of
tropical sunrise. Moist from the morning dew😊

Okay… amazing Nose. Confusing palet. Nice and suttle aftertaste. Even thou the taste was Nice, i found it incoherent🤔 like a person with multible personality disorder🤪 it’s a Nice glass for sure But i must admitt i had hoped for more. More balance maybe🤷🏼‍♂️ especially at that price.


See you all again soon!