Nobilis, 1993 hampden C<>H – 95/100

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Nobilis, 1993 hampden C<>H





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Single Cask




Nobilis No.2, 27y Hampden C<>H.

After a fairly Great debut, with the 32y 1988 Enmore, the new Danish IB brand Nobilis, is Ready with a follow up. This time we have a 27y, High ester jamaican. Lots of good rum from Hampden, But Sadly it seems like the quality has fallen a bit lately. At least on the younger batches… lets see how this bad boy is presenting it self😉🥃


From the second i uncork the bottle, the esters fill the room. No doubt this is Old, High ester Hampden😅 my First association is the 35y HGML bottleings. With an ABV on 65,8% It’s about 7% higher, and it tells. When in the glass, the high alcohol hits you first, But behind it, comes the overripe fruits, citrus and deep full bodied ester nodes.


Okay wauw, this is unik. There are nodes i never tried before in a rum😳 as it hits the mouth, it’s not the thick oily liquid as i imagined. But smoothe and fresh. Allmost energizing. The High ABV is not as present as i feared! It’s Nice and easy. And then comes the freaky shit. At First i Cant tell what this is! I know the taste But just cant wrap my head around what it is. Then it hits me! Sushi🤣 fresh Salomon and Tuna😳 must Crazy thing is, IT WORKS😂 this is awesome🤣❤️🥃 It’s not overwhelming or dominant, But it’s there. I never in my wildest imagination thought i would use taste of Fish to describe rum🤣🙈 especially not as a really positive thing🤩 after it wears off and nuts, spices and more sharp nodes comes to play. Leaving a more conventional rum after taste in my mouth.


As the expressions cool Down and leaves me speachless im left with a sweet, fruity, gentle aftertaste. The tropics are still present, even thou it was Continental aged😊❤️🥃

OKAY!! Honestly this one left me in a bit of conundrum! I NEVER tasted anything like this😳 this is a rum that will split the mob in two! Either you love it or you hate it. Hats off to Nobilis, they have nuts the size of boulders💪🏼 Personally im a fan! But im fucked up, i like the freaky shit🤣
No matter what, at least get a sample, and have your mind blown🤯🤪