Rammstein, Islay whisky cask finish

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Rammstein Islay Whisky Cask Finish.

I have a Long list of Rammstein First times. First time I heard their Music, first Rammstein album, first time I Saw them live and allso First time i tasted their rum😁 Some of my Firsts were positive, some were… how Shall i put it… Not😂 But none the less, im a huge Rammstein fan, and even thou I was all But impressed by the original rum, i must say their limited edition Laphroiag cask, caught me by surprice🥰 Unfortunately i had not started blogging yet, When i killed that one. But lucky me (and even more lucky you😉), a new limited edition with peated finish, has Seen the light of day😋 here’s my thoughts on it😁🥃


The sweet smokiness embraces my nostrils. The 10 months Islay finish has done it’s work well. The untrained would belive this to be a whisky for sure. The smoke is dominant and leaves only little room for other notes like White Wine or sour grapes, and the sharpness of Aquavit. Disclaimer: if you’re not into peated, this May not be for you🤣


Smoke fills my mouth! Had this been a blind Tasting i would have bursted out Kilchoman whisky. Heavy smoke with a gentle profile and suttle sweetness. Only giveaway, that this could be a rum, is a sutton glimse of Guyana. The characteristic spices hit me like a flash, and disapperes just as fast. Feels like my mouth is coveret in an oily layer of peat🤔😋 Tobacco and leather makes a sneak peak just to let the peat know it’s not alone😅


To avoid repeating myself, lets say campfire😂 it stays with me for a Long time! Every Small burp or hickup just rejuvinates it. But as it releasens it’s tight grip, a gentle sweetness appears. For the First time i feel sugar has been added. Not a lot but it is present. In this case it’s doesnt ruin anything for me😊

Hmmm🤔 This is actually really hard for me to rate. If i should rate it as a rum i would have to fail it Big time. The peat and whisky finish is so dominating that the rum is reduced to a meer alcohol base. On the other hand i really like it! I love peat, the more the better🔥🥃😜🥰 And this has more body than some of the Islay whiskys i had😅 so in this case i Wont give points. Ill just say this. If you hate peated or whisky. Dont Buy it. But if you like peated of just want to experience the amazing Power of influence the cask has, you cant go wrong with this one. Even thou it’s been diluted to 46%, i never noticed the added water as i normally do. And i never found out how much sugar was added, only that it’s less than the regulated 20g/L. But again it wasnt really present.

See you again soon!!

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