Compagnie Des Indes, 2009 Tencane. Juuls Ping 15 – 89/100

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Compagnie Des Indes, 2009 Tencane. Juuls Ping 15


Compagnie des Indes



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Single Cask




2021 is here! Lets start it with something extra ordinary😉

Ten Cane destilley, ever heard of it? I hadn’t… Located in Trinidad, this destillery was opened with the intention of producent High quality Pot still rum from Pure cane juice. Great idea But it seems like they were ahead of their Own time, cause it never really won the hearts and minds of the common rum drinkers.

This bottle in particular is a 10 year Old batch from 2009. Aged in bourbon barrels and bottled by CDI at cask strength, No sugar or color added. That alone makes this a special bottle, But on top of that, it has been selected by Juul’s, the biggest spirits importer and distributor in Denmark, to be No. 15 in their own special selection series Called “Ping”. So this bottles is Only sold in denmark and unfortunately not easy to find.

Enough talking! Let get to the actual rum😋🥃


Light and smooth, would allmost say refreshing. This reminds me of summer on a field of Wild flowers. I get notes of red berries and fruit tea and a bit of oak and coconut in the back. This nose is simply amazing. Im thinking of soaking my corona mask in this😂🥃❤️


Okay this is not what i expected at all🤔 Full bodied, complex, and Dark! Not bad for a 10 year old and the nose really fools you. I would never in a million years have guessed this was made in agricole style. This is Dark chocolate, oak, pepper, nuts and spices😋 There’s even i bit of estere in it😁 A very potent and matured rum.


This is where the nodes from the nose kicks in. The nodes and flavours just keeps on evolving and changeing. From the nuts and chocolate to the sweetness from the fruity tea and on to the flowery freshness. After a few minutes you Can sit back with a mouth full of raisins😁

So all in all this Is a really Nice glass. Nose is among the best i ever experienced. Unfortunately the rum itself, even Being good, it doesnt stand out as i hoped for. It DOES stand out as an agricole, since it doesnt taste like agricole, But im not sure if thats a plus or a minus😂 Anywho… it taste like something i had before… and that ruins it a bit for me… so Great glass But not Extra ordinary.