RomDeLuxe, New Yarmouth, Tasting kit

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Title på Rom:

Tasting Kittens


Rom De Luxe


New Yarmouth

Rom type:

Single Cask




RomDeLuxe Tasting Kit-(tens).

One of my First loves as a serie, was the Wild Series from the Danish Independent bottler (IB) RumDeLuxe. The Wild Series is their single cask selection. Very Well known for the tastefull design with cats from around the world. As of now and untill tomorrow this Series counts 10 bottles. Tomorrow is release of #11.
The most famous bottle in the series is the #1 Jamaica DOK. A HIGH ester White rum at a wopping 85,2%, with a 3 months finish on a Madeira cask.

The reason im telling you this, is that now they’ve done it again😜 between Wild Series 10 and 11, the “Kittens” were released. A 3x20cl tasting set. White New Yarmouth rum with 3 different 6 months finish. Malaga cask, PX cask and again the Madeira cask🥰 lets see if the three guys from RDL has done it Again😉👍🏼🥃

1. Malaga Wine Finish (73,6%)


Very balanced, hardly any alcohol. Caramel, fudge and tobacco gives det First impression. Then comes the acidy bitternes from the grapes, the red wine deffinently shows itself😊 very pleasant and easy nose. Gives you an appitite for more😋


Of course an ABV at this level Will show itself. But it’s not as overwhelming as One might expect. The Wine is easy recogniseable in the rum. I must admit ive never had malaga Wine before, and if this is what it taste like, i didnt miss out🙈 Sour Wine with High ABV😬 i was hoping for some of that buttery fudge from the nose to jump out, But the Wine seems to steal the show. Really cool experiment! Unfortunately this One was a fail


2. Madeira Finish (73,9%)


Still very Well integrated alcohol👍🏼 this One is more fresh, allmost a bit earthy. Notes of soil and raisins gives you a very different impression compared to the First. This could be a very complex and interesting taste😉


Hmmmm🤔 it’s like this cask hasn’t left much of an impression. The NY destilate is very penetrating. There is a Small hint thats reminds me of the Jamaica DOK. But we still have the nutty deep jamaican funk. And that shit never fails😋


3. PX Finish (72,9%)


As before a very light and easy nose. But this time the tobacco is dominant. Allmost a bit peated😃 dusty and deep. You Can allmost feel the warm Sun on your skin. This is a definate winner on the nose! This has it’s very own profile👏🏼👏🏼


Oh Hell yeah!! Here’s the winner😃🥃❤️ The Warm Dusty tobacco fills your mouth. This is like walking Down the gravel Road in scorching sun. While the tobacco leafs are drying, filing the Air with that deep, sweet scent. This has the bold complexity i was hoping for. As the notes evolve i get nuts, licorice and iron. They should make this in full bottles🥰


Experimenting like this is allways a risk. You Can only respect the Small IBs who has the curage to do it. Some you win, some you loose. And as they say you cant win Them all. But all in all i would say this hasnt been a loss. That PX was amazing. Hopefully they Will keep on walking the edge and challange us😉

Till next time!!