Kill Devil Vs Compagnie Des Indes – 94/100

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Title på Rom:

Hampden HGML 83


Kill Devil & Compagnie Des Indes



Rom type:

Single Cask




💥The Battle of the Titans💥

As promised, I would make a review og my tasting between these two heavyweights😉

Must say it was with a certain awe that I sat down at the table with these two. The last time I tasted Kill Devil was against the other three 35-year-old hampden. V&M, Corman Collins and Rum Artesenal. Here, KD turned out to have something the others could not keep up with.

Now, after a long search, I have found the last and most inaccessible in the series. The 33-year-old From CDI who was bottled two years before the others.
Let the party begin😉

Compagnie des Indes:

Even when you open the bottle, there is no doubt at all whether this is full-blooded Jamaica from Hampden. The scent of a special Danish pastry called “Rumball” fills det room and I immediately get associations to its 4 Brothers.

In the glass, the heavy oiled curtain pulls up along the edge! Despite the bright color, there is no doubt about its fullness.


On first inhalation, the rum ball attacks one but is quickly replaced by licorice. Ripe fruits and a feeling of something lightly roasted without being smoked. This is 100% funky Jamaica from Hampden😜


You immediately feel the fullness when it hits the tongue! The oiled liquid flows out easily and is distributed in the mouth. But this is not a warm rum! It is almost fresh and sour. Dots on the tongue as if a gentle carbon dioxide had been added. Then comes the taste explosion!! A perfumed Papaya is the first to hit, then a whole buffet table of fruits and finally sweet licorice.


The taste lingers for a long time. As the licorice lies off, you are left with the memory of a rum ball with coconut from a gourmet bakery🥰


Kill Devil:

Kill Devil has been the king of rum for me since I first tasted it half a year ago. This is a liquid rum Ball in a bottle !! It sounds too simple but you can hardly describe it better !!

Again, it is a sensory explosion when you open the bottle. My Wife shouts from the other end of the house what I’m doing, because it tears her nose where she is🙈 (my wife is not into Rum)😏

The similarity between the two rums is striking !! Aroma at first impression, color, the oily fullness. Almost impossible to recognize from each other. Only when you get closer, something happens!


Here the rum ball explodes in your head and it does not stop! The heavy full-bodied scent almost makes you vertigo! This is a baker’s homemade rum ball where instead of the essence he has dropped a bottle of overproof rum into the mass 😜


The taste confirms the scent !! You get exactly what you smell. No hidden notes and secret ingredients! This bomb explodes in your mouth and blows you backwards down from the chair🤯 ♥ ️ it is heavy, full and beautiful. If this rum was a woman, it would have been Andreia Brazier. (Google her😜)


As you regain consciousness and taste buds, the well-known licorice emerges along with roasted figs. But this is the gift that keeps giving and when you think that now there can be no more, then develops a subtle but absolutely present note you only know from one place. Caroni. A very mild note of burnt diesel leaves you full and satisfied.

The king still rules🙏🏽