Nobilis #1 Guyana Enmore 88 – 92/100

DKK 15,00



Title på Rom:

Guyana, Enmore 88





Rom type:

Single Cask




Nobilis #1, 32y, Enmore MEC.

Denmark has a very new brand. “Nobilis Rum”.
Their branding idea is “only exceptional rum. No compromises”. Big words and even bigger shoes to fill. Either they Succed or they crash burn. No room for failure.
Their First cask on the marked is a 32y Guyana Enmore. Being Destilled in 88, its one of the last batches before the destilleries merged. Great hype! On top og that it has the quality brand “MEC”. Expectations are High😉
SO… to the tasting😋


Barrel , salt licorice, green tea, maybe a little citrus.
A sharp and fresh nose with a fantastic volume. Makes the fluids run to your mouth, so you really feel like tasting😋 No doubt, this is an old powerful soul.


A velvety sweetness hits first, overripe fruit, perhaps Papaya. The sweetness is replaced by a heavy barrel. Roasted Oak, lots of tannins. Gives associations to the moist forest bed🥰It stays in the mouth for a long time. Constantly evolving.


the licorice comes back and oozes very slowly. This one stays with you for a long time😋

A really delicious glass !! I have to admit I was skeptical as I am not usually into the guyana hysteria, but this is a potent glass for the adult rum drinker. Heavy, full-bodied and complex!! Had i been a bigger fan of Guyana, the score might have been a bit higher.


REALLY looking forward to # 2😁🥃