Mhoba, French Cask

DKK 15,00


South Africa

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French Cask





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Single Cask




Mhoba, French Cask, 65%

After trying Mhobas Bush fire, i had to explore! This is French cask and Mhobas best bottle by rumor😊 unlike many of Mhobas rum, this One has aged in actual french oak cask. Ex red Wine witch was re roasted at Mhoba. Maturation is mere 2 years, so im really excited to see how much has happened in such a short period of time😁


Hmm very unik! Getting some funny notes. First licorice, but then nail polish, and last play dough😂 remember det colorful play dough from the 90’s?? This is a first🤣 As it opens up it becomes very gentle on the nose. Coconut and citrus fruit reveals itself in a very Nice balance.


For a 2 year old rum, this has a lot of body and complexity! Salty licorice, black pepper and oak with a hint of smoke. Judgeing from the nose i must say i had anticipated a much lighter and fruityer rum. This is Dark and potent like 80% chokolate. The 65% ABV is deffinently noticable, But still goes in good sync with the flavours.


Aftertaste dies out a bit fast and unfortunately feels a bit anonymous. I guess this is where the Young age shines through. But hey the is a solution. Take another sip😉

So! A very Nice rum. And at the Price it is really quite fair. I must admit i enjoyed the bushfire more, But i Can see how this One might appeal to a larger Group. So all in all a very Nice rum. Especially age and Price taken in concideration😊



Till next time!