Chairmans Reserve, 9y Single Cask.

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Saint Lucia

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Masters Selection


Chairmans Reserve


Saint Lucia

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Single Cask




Chairmans Reserve, Masters Selection for Rum Artesenal & Rum Tasting Notes, 9y John Dore 1 & Vendome, 59.8%.

Not Long ago the popular rum app “Rum Tasting Nodes” managed to have it’s own bottle in collaboration with Rum Artesenal. The choise fell on this relatively Young St Lucia. Bottled at cask strength of course😉😋 The bottle was gone allmost before it was put on the marked, But i was lucky enough to secure one🥳
St Lucia has a very special place in my heart, as my very First experience with dry rum and cask strength on top of that, was from here😊 that bottle is still among my all time favorites and like this One, it was only 9y old. Lets get to it😋


No doubt it’s St Lucia. It has the very destinct St Lucia Odor. Unfortunately im discovering a lot of alcohol, blocking it. As it warm in my hand, it wears off i bit and some more notes reveal it self. Green grapes, gren Apple and orange and other citric fruits. Changes into a fresh and light as the liquids tempature rises in your hand. I would deffinently recommend you to sit with this for at While before drinking it, and experience the change😉


Allso a bit of Alcohol at First sip, But wears off Pretty fast and uncovers some Nice deep notes of spices and light roasted hazelnuts. It’s not as fresh as the nose would have you Think, But still light, despite the deep notes. A bit of tobacco reveals it self along with Dark oak. Has a bit of the oak, vanilla But not much. This is again a deeper note.


Sweet Tobacco and the hazel nuts, stick around for a bit longer, But wears off quite fast. As a last fast expression i get the fruityness. mixed with the sweet tobacco, my mind drifts off to my times on water pipe cafés😁

So all in all, this is actually a very decent rum! Especially Price taken into concideration. But bear in mind this One needs time. It’s not a poor and drink kind of glass. This lady needs foreplay😉 But the more patience you Got, the bigger the reward😉 So strap in gentleman, this could be an all nighter😜