Velier, Foursquare Sassafras

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💥Velier Foursquare Sassafras💥

This One has been anticipated with impatience🤣 and again i apologize for my absence☺️🙏🏼

SASSAFRAS!! The 7th bottle in the Series, and by far the One with most hype. Even thou it’s “limited” to 6000 bottles, it was sold out quick and prices went up just as fast. But why all the hype?? Well rumor has it, this is some of the same destilates as the notorious First bottle, 2006😳 But this One has the Extra years in the barrel😉 lets see if it lives up to it’s reputation😋🥃


The typical Foursquare notes jumpes out from the Dark oily liquid in the glass. Coconut, vanilla and Oak. But as you Peel off the layers, toffee, tobacco and coffee comes to Life🥰 The more i inhale, the more i find. It’s like a woman with tons of secrets just waiting for you to reveal Them😉 But beware! If you try too hard, she bites😉


Wauw😳 As it enters your mouth, it’s like velvet, slik and satin distributes to every corner. Smooth and gentle. The 61% really fools you. I knew this lady would be a trickster😉 Rich Dark chocolate and coconut/toffee sweetness, meets in af near perfect symbiosis. Coffee and tobacco comes to life. My mouth has not run dry for a second, Easy and pleasant, with a bit of edge to it.


Toffee, chocolate and tobacco lingers. After this wears off nothing really substitutes… my mouth is left with the sensation of Being full of cotton🥴 bland and swolen. Never really tried that before🤔 honestly bit of an anticlimax to a really Nice glass🤷🏼‍♂️

To be honest im not a Big fan of Barbados rum. I find it a bit bland and unchallenging. It IS very tastefull No doubt. But not a lot of variation and complexity. That Said, i Can see why this has some hype to it. In my humble opinion this is the most complex and intriguing in the Series. And it’s actually worth the Retail Price. It’s not just a Velier brand bottle. SO if you enjoy Foursquare, im sure this Will be a must have in the cabinet. I enjoyed it even thou im not a fan😉 only minus for me was the Aftertaste or lack off🙈


See you again soon!