Tamosi, Port Cask

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Barbados, Panama, Jamaica

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Tamosi Port Cask





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Blend, Single Cask




Tamosi, Port Cask Blend


Another IB has announced his arrival. In end 2017, UK born Benjamin Boothe started his adventure. Travelling the Carribean countries, visiting destilleries in search of the barrels he feels represents the countries the best. Some was found at the destilleries, some via brokers. This rum is a blend of an 8y Barbados, 6y Panama and No less than 3 White jamaicans. After blending the rum, they spend 8 months on port casks. His First 4 releases hit the streets in january 2020, this Being One of them.

Benjamin tells he wishes to enlighten people on the less know part of carribean heritage. With a guyanese Mother and Jamaican fatter, he feels there is much more to tell than the sterotypical navy and pirate stories. Tamosi Will be his destributer of this knowledge.



I poored the glass about a half an hour ago, and let it open up while i did some research. I kept getting interupted by the scent of sweet wine. It took a while till I realised it was the rum. The port cask really made it’s Mark. As I Pick up the glass and take a deep whiff, the gentleness surprises me, the 55% ABV is completely abscent. Sweet tobacco, ripe plum and tea, with a gentle smokiness fills my lunges. I could do this all night🥰



After that nose the expectations are HIGH! The liquid fills my mouth and warms my whole body in an instant. The Rum actually feels warm as it hits my mouth😮 This has the body and warmth of a voluptuous carribean woman. You have no choise But to surrender to it’s caress. Tobacco with a hint of smoke and menthol comes to mind. Spices, Black pepper and licorice root. Lurks from the debths😋



As allways with a warm sensual woman. Dont expect it to be over quickly😉 The warmt lingers in the back of my throat. With the licorise root hanging on, my mind drifts to a cozy evening on the couch, under the blanket with a warm cup of licorice root tea😋


Wauw! This is probably One of the best blends i ever tasted! And the fact that retail Price is only 75€ warms my heart🥰 Great Rum is still available at decent prices. And this is just amazing!! This is an absolute recommendation to buy!!😃👍🏼🥃




till next time😉