RomDeLuxe, Wild Series 12

DKK 15,00



Title på Rom:

Wild Series 12


Rom De Luxe



Rom type:

Single Cask




RomDeLuxe Wild Series 12, 23y Caroni.

The Danish IB RomDeLuxe, had their international break through last spring, with Number 5 in there single cask Series, known as “Wild Series”. The Legendary Number 5 was a 25y Guadeloupe. Since then lots of good bottles has been added to the series. Including a caroni, an amazing Long Pond, and latest a very Nice Ten Cane. This is the 2nd Caroni in the Series. Lets see if it Can live up to it’s spot among some very special bottles😉🥃


No doubt this is Caroni. The Petroleum Marks the First impression. Besides this, it’s actually very easy on the nose, fresh. Notes of menthol and eucalyptus gives a refreshing light sensation. Even some sweetness in the back. Fruity🥰 This is not as Dark And heavy as some other Caroni. Very nice❤️🥃


Here comes the Darkness and complexicity, Caroni is know for! But at the same time the menthol freshness is present. Not dominant as in the Legenadary Beast. Here it just gives balance. Brings sunshine to the darkness. The Dark asphalt spices and nuts at first, But before it becomes too much, the menthol takes Over and leaves you with freshness and cravings for another zip, another glass, another bottle😋 this could be One of my favorite Caroni so far.


At the darkness wears off, the fresh menthol takes over. It stays with you, But at some point a suttle sweetness appears, Almonds or even Marzipan is the First thought. This glass keeps on surprising🥰🥃


This is One of my favorites in the series. It keep revealing new notes every time i take a zip. As i Said before, i Want a good glass to surprise me. Challenge me. Unpredictability is extra points in my book. This One delivers💪🏼😁