Neisson Chai Series

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Chai Series





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Single Cask




Neisson Chai Tasting Kit

Happy Easter Everyone😁🐣🐣

To begin with i must admit, the french style agricole never really caught my interess, with a few exceptions of course😉 But im allways keen on expanding my horizon, and When this trio showed up i simply couldn’t say No! Let me Clarify.
In 2016, 3 identical ex burbon barrels were filled with 3 identical destilates, carried out in the same day. These 3 barrels were then stocked in 3 different warehouses, But all on the destillery area. Even thou they weren’t located far from each other, there was still a slight difference in temperature and humidity. Spanding from 25,5 – 27,7 degrees and 76% – 82% humidity, this is the only difference in the rums maturation and development. So this is the perfect oppertunity to experience how much effect the enviorment has on the rum during maturation😃 How cool is that?!!😜
Enough talking! Lets have a taste😋🥃

Chai Vevert (#2) 82% humidity, 25,5 degrees. (Green)


Very pleasant, this is a dark full bodied agricole, not too grassy, and with deep notes of chocolate😋 I Can hardly feel the 56,8% ABV and as I Continue inhaling, notes of dried figs appears. The sweetness from the dried fruit is a very nice combination with the chocolate. Good thing there is no cinnamon, then this would have been the definition of Christmas rum🤣


This is where the iconic grass flavor kicks in! As it enters my mouth the sweetness of newly Cut grass hits hard at first, But just as fast it’s replaced by the Dark chocolate and dried fruits. This is like a slow flavor explosion. In stead of coming all at once, One flavour replaces an other like a chain reaction. Nuts, spices, oranges and cotton candy, just to name a few. I did deffinently not see this coming. Very Nice! Especially it’s Young age taken into concideration. Lots have happened in 4 years😅


Darkness prevails🤘🏼 The Dark Rich chocolate and spices festers and stays with me for a Long time. Not evolving. Not oozing off. Just lingers. A glass that gives joy all night🥰


Chai Mainmain (#4) 77% Humidity, 27,7 Degrees. (Blue)


As the First was Dark and deep, this is light and fresh, still only a suttle note of fresh grass, But supplementet by notes of citrus fruits, menthol and a hint of varnish and nail polish remover. It’s a bit sharper. And this is were it gets interesting. Is it the lower humidity or higher temperature that has this effect?


Again the new Cut grass comes more to life and leaves No doubt we are dealing with an agricole, But the menthol and sour fruits dominates and creates the complete opposit impression of it’s Sister “Vevert”. Spices show up in the second round with a bit of licorice, But still a very light and fresh mouthfull, allmost energetic. This one allso has a slightly lower ABV with it’s 54,1%


Aftertaste on this One is actually quite funny! The sweet and sour citrus, turns into an earthy, on the edge of mouldy taste on your tongue. Like When you get a pieceof bread with a questionable experation date😂 only here it’s not neccesarily a bad thing. Ive tried this once before, and lets just say, it’s better second time around😅


Chai Adrien (#5) 76% humidity, 27,4 Degrees. (Orange)


Last in line, Adrien, seems fairly close to mainmain. They are allso quite close in both humidity and temperature. Varnish, nailpolish and this light earthy tingle. Grass and hay is present, but suttle. When I seach, both sweet tobacco and newly roasted coffee reveals itself along side white pepper. It’s still a light destilate, But with a tendency to embrace the darkness😉


This is actually a bit surprising. Spices dominate from the start. Pepper, salty licorice, roasted hazelnuts. So dark notes but without feeling heavy and consuming. It’s warm But refreshing, kind of like chili. Not that it has notes of chili, But the same qualities. Your cheeks flush. Warmth spread to your whole body and it’s not just the 55,8%.


Not a big evolement. Pepper and licorice dominates. The licorice comes closer to licorice root with the more earthy notes, But thats about it. As time passes it just oozes of and becomes more flat and mouldy. Not like mainmain. It’s like this One doesnt really own up to it🤔


Wauw! Amazing to see how much effect a few percent in humidity and degrees in temperature has! Vevert and Mainmain, both very Nice But complete opposits, and i just feel the Dark notes of Vevert works best and feels more in balance. Adrien lacks it’s own identity. Had i not tasted all 3 against each other, it might had gotten higher score, But compared to the two others, it’s like it had a bit of both, But couldnt really commit.
For science sake, this Tasting if deffinently worth trying, But in my opinion, Vevert is deffinently the best single buy.

Have fun and take Care!