Silver Seal Vs Plantation, Clarendon 84

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36y Clarendon


Silver seal Vs Plantation



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Single Cask




💥Clarendon 84 showdown💥

Hi everybody! Back for more😜
As seen very often diffent bottlers release rums from same destillery, with same age and maybe even same mark, allmost at the same time. Sometimes the barrels are shared, But most often we are talking about different batches, made about the same time and sold off by the destillery at the same time. This gives us the perfect oppertunity to see just how much two seemingly identical rum Can actually difer😋

This time Ive chosen the two heavyweights, Silver Seal, 36y Clarendon 84 and the Plantation Extreme, 36y Clarendon 84. THIS should be fun😜🥃💥

Color of both are Dark and deep. Plantation is just a tad dyrker thou. Reminding me allmost of a good port😊

Silver Seal, 36y Clarendon 84:


Fresh fruit mixes with the Esters. This is No near as Dark as the color insinuantes. Pineapple, citrus and raisins, lets you know this is surely Jamaica. Fresh funky sunshine in a glass☀️🥃🥰


And once again it shifts! The freshness is gone. Dry Wood and tannins fills your mouth and leaves it dry. Spices and nuts come forward with a very suttle note of chocolate and cinnamon. This is where the Dark color manifests. It’s like eating a dry walnut. Bitter!! It takes minutes before my mouth feels normal.


The bitterness does not really retract. One glass is more than enough😬

Plantation Extreme 4, 36y Clarendon 84.


Are very much alike! Had this been a blind Tasting, im sure i would have guessed it was the same rum. Considering this One with it’s 74,8% is 12,5% higher than the Silver seal. It conseals the alcohol very Well😊👍🏼


This One is sweeter and a bit more fruity as it enters. The barrel and tannis are still present, But not nearly as dominant. It doesnt drench your mouth. Nuts and plums mixed with cinnamon as before, But now you Can actually enjoy it😊 at least more than the other One. Seems like the time spend in ferrand barrels has done only good.😉


Wears off a bit fast. A suttle taste of nuts and plums lingers, But the most penetrating impression is the dry tingling in the back of my throat.

So all in all i im sad to say this was a Great disappointment to me. Concidering the Price of these two bottles, It’s even more discuraging. But again a reminder that Price, age or Dark color is not a garrantee for good taste or quality.

Silver Seal: 72/100

Plantation: 81/100

Untill next time😉