Mhoba Bushfire

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South Africa

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Bush Fire





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Single Cask




🔥MHOBA Bush Fire 55%🔥

Some time ago i noticed a new brand on the Danish marked. Mhoba is a High ester potstill made from pure Cane juice and the destillery is located in South Afrika. Not where you would expect good rum to come from. But hey! With all the new Small distilleries popping up, the time of prejudice is Long gone.
A few days ago i noticed their “Bush Fire” and after Reading about it, I HAD to try it😜 Apparently South Africa has a deep rooted tradition for BBQ. And for this they often use Wood from a special Bush called “Sicklebush”, growing on the plains. What they did here, is they put their rum on glass containers and added some wooden sticks from the Bush, wich had been charred First on a actual barbecue grill. Thats just beyond funky😜 Call me intreaqued😁 BUT these experiments Can go both ways. How has this One turned out??😜🥃


The Golden amber juice, beautifully shows it’s oily curtains as i swirl it in the Glass. The nose leaves No doubt, that this is a highester, pure Cane juice destilate! Sweet notes of mint and tomatoes mixes with ripe oranges and in the back the peated scent reveals it self. Suttle at first, But more and more present for every time i inhale. It’s not the usual peated oak, as know from whisky cask finish. This reminds me more of a campfire. Im deffinently curious for more😋🥃


Okay, this is where the smoke steps into caracter! An allmost fresh smokyness fills my mouth, joined by notes of pepper, licorice root and herbs. My mind wanders of to a juicy steak, cooked over open fire😋 maybe even some bbq flavoured beef jerky🤔 this is weird!! But it works🤣👍🏼 the 55% is very well integrated. You feel the sting, But it disguises itself as spices, instead of Alcohol.


Spices oozes off fairly Quick. The campfire stays with you for a while, along side the beef jerky thou. Make sure youre full before you drink this, otherwise you Will have a Serious craving for BBQ, and it doesnt leave!!🙈

Im sure this rum would enchant any proud, patriotic Texan😁Meat and alcohol combined, what measures up to that?😜 A hip flask with Bush fire rum is obligatory on any guys, hike og camping trip. If youre a bunch of guys, bring the whole bottle😉
All in all a very succesfull experiment. Thou not a full palet of flavours, the simple dominant meaty BBQ works. As the flavour is very Unic, this May not be for everybody, But if you haven’t tasted it yet, dont cheat yourself of the experience. And at a really fair price too👍🏼


Looking forward to hear your thought on this One😉

Till next time!


Picture borrowed as my full bottle is still in the mail😏🤷🏼‍♂️