Savanna, Collection Métissage, Maputo

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Single Cask




Savanna Maputo, 16y D’armagnac.

In the occation of Savannas 150th anniversary, the destillery on Reunion Island has come up with some special series to celebrate their island. First “Wild island series”, honoring the amazing Nature of the Island and now Collection Métissage, honoring the cultual influense, recieved on the island over time.

This bottle is to honor Mozambique. A 16 year Rum Traditional, based on molasses and aged on Armagnac barrels. Fully tropical ageing and bottled at 64,2%. This is my First try with an Armagnac aged rum, so im very excited to try it😜🥃👍🏼


Very interesting. At First it was very sharp, and the caracteristic Savanna tutti frutti was almost non excisting. After giving it a good half an hour. It’s completely different😊 The typical Savanna scent has appeared, very suttle But it’s there. The dominant for me is the spicy Armagnac. Pepper, licorice and a bit of tobacco. Deffinently a darker destilat than your usual Savanna😊



Ouch… Unfortunately here the shapness is still dominant. The 64,2% ABV burns my tongue and leaves me shocked for a while without being able to catch any notes. When it finally wears off, it’s like the whole experience is over and im left with the aftertaste.



When im finally able to taste again, all i get is a vague hint of licorice and dust. My whole mouth fells like i ate a cotton pad.



Dont Think i ever felt so disappointed in a rum. Savanna is probably my favorite destillery and this is by far the worst rum Ive tasted from here. I REALLY hope the other 3 in this Series is a lot better😕


Till next time😊🥃