Rum Shark, New Yarmouth 1994

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26y, 1994 New Yarmouth


Rum Shark


New Yarmouth

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Single Cask




Rum Shark, 26y, 1994 New Yarmouth.

Rum Shark, a shiny new Independent Bottler from Czech Republic. A Group of Czech rum enthusiasts agreed something was missing, and decided to become the First Bottler in their Country. Maybe it’s an unknown fact But CR actually is a fairly large marked in the rum World. Knowing this, of course it was only a matter of time till the Got their own brand.
Their First release came in May 2021 and consisted of 4 single cask bottles. 14y Clarendon, 15y Hampden, 21y Uitvlugt and a 26y New Yarmouth. All bottled in 2020 at cask strength. All bottles are decorated with beautiful pictures of nautical nature. Of course considering the brand name, thats to be expected😉 For now i decided to take a closer look at the 26y Clarendon. Lets see what Rum Shark has to offer😉🥃



LOTS of sweet, oaky, vanilla and coconut. Im allways amazed over the New Yarmouth diversity. They master the Crazy untamed wildness, as well as the beautiful, balanced elegance. Im Guessing this is pure column still, With a profile resembling a typical Foursquare rum. The stereotypical rum sweetness as mentioned before but in addition full of dried berries like plum and raisins, topped of with a hint of varnish. Very pleasant indeed👍🏼


Very smooth and oily. The 69% ABV is deffinently presant, but not dominating. The coconut, vanilla and oak is thou. Something darker lurks as well, tobacco, maybe a hint of coffee🤔 Very well balanced and tastefull. It’s been a Long time since i tasted them, But this One reminds me of the 25y New Yarmouth bottles from Danish RomDeLuxe and German Rum Artesanal. And we all know how popular they are😉 A Vs Tasting with these 3 could be very interesting😋



💥COCONUT💥😋 It just keeps you Company for at persistantly Long time! Even Small burps taste like coconut.


All in all this is a High quality, safe choice for a first release. Its not too complex, But very tastefull and an easy sipper despite the high ABV. I allways had the idea that this profile is how people outside the rum community imagine the “original” rum. Naturally sweet😊




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