RomDeLuxe, Wild Series 15, 1988 Enmore MEC

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Title på Rom:

Wild Series 15, 1988 Enmore MEC


Rom De Luxe



Rom type:

Single Cask




RomDeLuxe, Wild Series 15, 1988 Enmore “MEC”.

Danish IB Rom de Luxe has had a lot of succes with their beautiful decorative “Wild Series”. The brands Single cask Series. To be honest I havent had a Wauw sensation over the last few bottleings, But it seem the team has uppen their game! Out of the Blue, they release this 33y Old Enmore MEC😜🥃🔥 last time i tasted this vintage and Mark was another Danish Bottler. And i liked it🥰 Hopefully this Will be same quality!! But lets find out😛🥃



Oh my god what a color🔥 Like Dark polished amber. Nose starts out with ripe banana and menthol. With allmost no sensation of the Alcohol. As i start searching, spices, tannins and oak reveals it self. Nice and suttle but presant👍🏼 Great complexity and balanced at the same time. This deffinently gives me expectations of a Great glass.👍🏼


Still amazingly balanced! The Bitter tannins, known in this mark, shows up first, but with an unusual mildness. Quickly it is overpowered by the menthol from the nose and mild licorice. Oak, spices and pepper is beautiful Company to the fresh menthol. This is truely Art❤️ The Dark and complex Guyana with the freshness to balance it. Absolutely beautiful😃❤️🥃



The menthol freshness lingers, But alongside so much more. Spices, tobacco, and oak just to mention a few. Last note i get is raisins, this One finishes it off alongside the everlasting menthol. An hour later i Can still sence it. Too bad the glass is empty😅


An absolutely amazing rum from RomDeLuxe. Of course the Price is as expected with this kind of bottle. It’s not a bottle to Spice up the sauce, But if you want something extra ordinary for the days you look to spoil yourself, this could be a great suggestion. Too bad it’s only 178 bottles😏🤷🏼‍♂️


thats all for now!
hope you Will enjoy this as much as i did😜