Nobilis No.5, 6 & 7, Tasting kit

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Guyana & Jamaica

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No.5, 6 & 7 Tasting Kit





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Single Cask




Nobilis Tasting Kit.

By now i Think most of the rum World has heard about Danish IB Nobilis, despite the fact they have only released 7 bottles. 2 months ago they released 3 bottles at the same time. No.5, a 1988 Enmore AWM. No.6, a 1989 Uitvlugt PM and No.7, a 1992 Hampden HLCF. Knowing their bottles would be ripped from the shelfes, Nobilis did a Great thing for rumlovers. The made this 3x2cl samplekit, so that more people would have a chance to try it. Luckily i was able to Secure a kit for myself. So lets see what they have for us this time😉🥃


Nobilis No.4, 1988 Enmore AWM.

One might have a sensation of deja-vu. With good reason! YES Nobilis No.1 was allso a 1988 Enmore🙈 But talking a closer look, thats where the similarity ends😉First of all this is a very rare mark, allso known as “Versailles light” As far as my knowledge goes, Nobilis is only the 3.rd brand to bottle it, and to understate the rarity, this bottle only exists in 126 copies😱 BUT!! Who cares if it rare, if it taste like a rats ass😝 Lets have a look😁



I see why it’s called light. Like a sweet summer breeze. No doubt it’s Versailles, the scent is unmistakeable, But so easy and fresh. Full of citric fruits and sweet vanilla. The vanilla part gives me Associations to Danish pastry. It’s not just vanilla, it has more volume and components. Like vanilla bread. Besides that the fruit notes are clear, allmost perfumed, But without Being heavy. Deffinently a good beginning😛


Very well integrated alcohol! It’s only 50% despite it’s cask strength, But it’s close to non excisting as i swirl it around my mouth. The second i swallow it’s like an explosion. Here the perfume note becomes much more powerfull as it hits the tongue. Bit too much for my taste i must admit😬 As it slowly wears off, the well know bitterness appears. Nuts and spices dominate, while the suttle vanilla pastry lurks from the backseat. It’s like looking in the rearview Mirror, searching for the invisble passenger. You Can feel him there, But just cant locate him🤣


The iconic nuts and spices, keeps their momentum, leaving No doubt this is a Guyana Enmore. It still is a light version and doesnt stay with you all night. Some people like it that way. Others are more into Long term commitments. Lets leave it at that😉


Amazing Nose. Too perfumed and intense at First on the palet, for my taste. Well know and balanced Enmore aftertaste. A Nice glass indeed, But the perfume ruins it a bit for me.




Nobilis No.6, 1989 Uitvlugt PM

In the earlier dutch kolony, part of Guyana, allso formerly known as Surinam, lies the Small town Uitvlugt. So if like me you have wondered about how the Destillery name Uitvlugt didnt Sound very latin American. Well it’s because up untill late 1975 it was actually A part of the Dutch kingdom! All this rum drinking makes you clever as F#*%😜 The destillery itself closed in 2000 thou and the kettles is now a part of Guyanas only remaining destillery DDL. This Rum in particular is from the legendary double wooden potstill, Port Mourant. It’s know for a very destinctive “green” taste note. It’s understandably One of the World most sought after marks. Lets see if this One lives up to it’s reputation😜🥃



Very Dark and deep. At First i feel the alcohol is a bit harsh, especially concidering the low ABV at only 50,8%. But after a Quick swirl the 2.nd whif is completely different. Still has the voluminous darkness. Full of engine oil and dirt. But at the same time it has a freshness to it. Wouldnt go as far as menthol But still a pick me up freshness, complimentet by a green tea sweetness😋 A very complex Rom where you Can spend all night just looking for more hidden jewels🥃💥



Often the rums scent Can misguide you and give a false expectation on it’s flavor, But not this time. For once, what you Smell is what you get! So thank Got it’s on a positive note😅 The Dark warmth spreads. Oil spices and mineral flavours from Black Rich topsoil as When you work in the graden after heavy rain. The freshness appears out of the blue and compliment the heavyness beautifully😊



The freshness stays with you But weakens slowly. As it retreats, it leaves room for the suttle sweetness to gain access. The green tea brings a calmness and acompanied by the earthy Minerals, im starting to wonder if i had a rum or a buddistic, yoga Health tonic🤔 Very Nice indeed😉


Very Nice indeed, with PM it’s hard to fail completely. I dont see any flaws. This is deffinently a High quality bottle, No doubt,  But i wasnt blown away either😊 Is it recomendable? For sure😊👍🏼



Nobilis No.7, 1992 Hampden HLCF

The final bottle is from the Famous Hampden Destillery on Jamaica. As we all know Hampden is know for their High ester rums, and even thou HLCF stands for Hampden Light Continental Flavoured, this is still a rum containing 500-600😅 Thats pretty high, comparing “regular” rum. Of course it’s not high at all if you compare it’s to Nobilis’ last Hampden release, C<>H, containing 1300-1400😱 So to completely different glasses!!! Lets give it a go😜🥃🔥



I left this in the glass for about half an hour and it has opened up beautifully😋 Ripe fruit, licorice, and an overwhelming sweetness i often find in Savanna rum. Only here it’s more suttle. Not the dominant element. It’s this tuttifrutti explosion thats so concentrated it allmost becomes artificial. Dont get me wrong! I love It! It’s so intense and in your face👊🏼💥😜



Damn! This is not what i expected🤣 My very First association was roasted herring🤣 The kind of light Burned crustyness, from When you fry it on the frying pan. The Maritime note is allmost non excisting, the image just invaded my brain😅 But the roasted, light burned is non dismisable😜 Of course the jamaican funky fruityness is still present, But this has an overall darker theme to it.



The roasted notes are replaced by a dusty feel. Like a dirt Road in the tropics☀️Then the concentrated fruityness shows up as an anticipated encore and closes the show with a bang, leaving you full and content, ready for another glass❤️🥃


Rule No.1 and only rule at all with this One. Let it breathe for a while! Give it time to open! I tasted this just after it came out, from a newly opened bottle. I didnt give it time to breathe and i remember Being a bit disappointed to be honest. What i had tonight was something completely different🤯 Give it time and it will give you a ride you wont forget😜




Once again Nobilis has shown a very descent persistency in their quality. The sceptic in me finds it hard to belive they Can keep it up, But again. As Long as you have time to wait for the right cask, it’s deffinently possible😉 Rumor has it they allready picked the next onde in Line😜 Christmas Will be fun this year🥰🥃

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