Nobilis No.4, Long Pond 2000

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Nobilis No.4, Long Pond 2000




Long Pond

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Single Cask




Nobilis No.4, Long Pond 2000

Danish Nobilis has had a remarkable launch with their First 3 bottles, all very special and all very High quality. Here comes No.4. Unlike the First 3, this bottle is selected by and therefore only sold via ExcellencerRhum in France. It is a 20y Old pure pot still, single cask from the Jamaican Destillery, and of course bottled af cask strength, 54,9%. I must admit im not sure what to Think of this, it’s not what i expected so im hoping to be surprised🙈



wauw okay! Very interesting. At First the typical jamaican sweet ripe fruits overwhelm me, second whiff changes style completely and tunes into medicinal notes with a hint of ethanol, reminding me of a phamacy. 3rd time it yet again reveals a New side and brings licorice to the tabel. Not bad… not bad at all👍🏼


very smooth as it enters, hardly feel the alcohol. Honestly allmost feels a bit bland, untill the second i swallow. A Dark, Strong complexity invades. Allmost caronilike notes dominate. Tarmat and Engineoil, knowing the background of the Nobilis team i Can imagine how this fell in their taste. This is raw and dirty, I would have liked a bit more diversity thou



There is not much evolvement im afraid, not that i dont like the fundamantal notes of the rum, But i was hoping for some hidden surprises. The Dirty oily garage is pesistant as F***. Im pretty sure ill still taste it tomorrow😜


At First the Nose REALLY surprised me! Kept evolving and transforming, i guess i was hoping the taste would do the same. It had a Great taste and volume, But very simple. Like a monster truck. Brute force, But not much grace and elegance. Not a bad rum at all, But Price taken in concideration i was hoping for a bit more. I know Nobilis’ filosophi is good rum at a Great Price, so how much did Excellencer put on top?🤔




Till Next time😉