Habitation Velier, Mhoba 2017

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South Africa

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Habitation Velier, 2017 Mhoba





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Blend, Single Cask




Habitation Velier, 2017 Mhoba

The South African destillery, with the Home build Pot still is gaining territory on the rum marked. The newest Habitation Velier release is a clear sign of this, as well as recognizion from the King of rum himself, Luca Gagano. The Rum itself is as far as i know a bit special as well. Not in it’s Production or maturation, witch is First fill ex burbon cask, But it’s 4 years of age is as far as i know, One of the oldest releases yet. A 1000l batch so aproximatly 1400 bottles and a usual, 100% potstill with No added, sugar or color and of course bottled at 64,6% ABV, cask strength😋

Well!! Enough talking! Lets Dive in🥃😛



A few destilleries around the World has managed to create their own destinct scent and taste. Mhoba, despite it’s Young age, is One of them! The heavy volumous scent, you feel, Can be carved out of the glass with a knife😋 Along side the notes of overripe fruits, rotting grass and tomatoes, is a very suttle smokey background. Very Nice indeed. Not surpricingly😉



Very well balanced alcohol!! Wauw!! It’s deffinently present, But as a warmth in stead of the burning sensation that just kills your taste buds😝💥 A mixture of sweet and Strong licorice gives me associations to the candy “Turkish Pepper”. It’s smooth and oily in texture, in general just very plesant and easy drinkable🥰 I dont get a lot of different notes, besides the destinctive Mhoba and licorice, but sometimes less is more😊👍🏼


The licorice kind of just oozes off a bit but lingers. The gentle smoke from the nose appears in Small flashes but without truely manifesting. I would have liked it to hang on a bit longer, but i have i whole bottle so ill just have another sip, glass… bottle? Damn i need to stock up😅


This is what i would Call i High class, every day rum. It’s not too complex. Very smooth and easy to drink but still with a lot of body and texture. Mhoba is not for a rum for the beginner, but for the experienced dry rum drinker, this is pure pleasantry on a week night😁👍🏼



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