Tamosi Tiba, 2008 Panama

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Tamosi Tiba, 2008 Panama, 57%

The New brand Tamosi came op to a good start with it’s First release containing 4 bottles. Port cask especially left a Great impression with me. 2nd release contains 3 New bottles, 2 agricole style and 1 rum traditionel from Panama. This rum is from an undisclosed destillery, but it’s told the sugarcanes has been harvested and manufactured in the local area. Destillation was made on a column still and finally it was put on ex burbon barrels for maturation. It spend 6 years in Panama before being transported to a Continental climate for an additional 7 years😊 Lets see what it’s Got😉🥃



For me a Big region in South and central America is very similar. Panama, Belize, Nicaragua etc. The very destinct sweet coconut, vanilla and oak. This isnt any different😊 Not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just what to expect. This is a very light destilate of it’s kind. Like a gentle summe breeze. Floral notes and citric fruits gives an incredible freshness But all very suttle.


Okay… so here my First comment from the nose applyes as well. The obligatory sweetness is the First that hits. But unlike many other rums from this region, is has an edge to it. The alcohol combined with notes of spices, gives it an unusual bite and warmth. Im lacking notes thou. It’s like the rum is more of a sensation than a taste experience🤔


Unfortunately it’s all over very fast. I Can feel on my tongue and in my mouth i had a drink, from the slight numbing sensation from the alcohol, But im missing some Tasting notes.


like many times before, nose exceeds palet. It tastes just fine, and even separates itself from others in this region. Unfortunately it’s all over before you know it and it leaves me with the sensation: “Was that it”?



There’s two more bottles in this release! Stay tuned😁

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