Habitation Velier, 2016 Hampden <>H

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Habitation Velier, 2016 Hampden <>H





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Blend, Single Cask




Habitation Velier, 2016 Hampden <>H

Couple of times a yeah, the worlds most popular Bottler Velier, releases additional bottles to the Series “Habitation”. Hampden is usually among the releases. This time we were spoiled by a 5y tropical matured, Mark <>H at 62% abv. Habitation as i see it is the “low budget” velier, But often, in my experience, they are just as good or better than their High end selection. Lets see with this One😜🥃



HEAVY on the esters, glue, ripe pineapple and something recognizable i cant identify!! Know that feeling?? It pisses me off!!!🤬😅 A deep heavy sweetness that gives me associations to my childhood, But i cant figure out why😅 In the background a hint of red berry juice stick out it’s beak😊 Full bodied, heavy jamaican as we know it😋



Uhhh very different from the nose! A dusty, allmost earthy Dark sensation caresses me. Wood and tobacco joins the party as the First powerfull impressions wear off. I allways get the same image when presented with these notes. Running on a dirt road in the hot tropic Sun surrounded by jungle and green vegetation on both sides. Allways puts a smile on my face☀️😁🥃



The alcohol left it’s Mark in the back of my throat. Not unpleasant, but more than just a warmth. Taste itself is kind of bland. Im not in doubt i had Jamaican, the ester note is present, but thats just about the only One. Could have hoped for more at this part.


All in all a very Nice experience😁🥃 High Ester Hampden just has a quality🥰 only minus here is the Aftertaste or lack of. Not that it was bad at all, just insufficient🤔 BUT i finally figured out the note from the nose☝🏼🤓 Baking!! The sweet scent from the raw dough When baking a white cake, When i was a child😁 Anywho!! Very Nice indeed and deffinently worth the money, But not extra ordinary😊



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