Scientific reason behind the Ashton and Demi Breakup in accordance with a Cougar Dating Study Conducted by WhatsYourPrice

Scientific reason behind the Ashton and Demi Breakup in accordance with a Cougar Dating Study Conducted by WhatsYourPrice

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In the event that you could plot the worth of a female Cougar and a male Cub with time, just what could you get? The solution to why Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher met up within the beginning straight back in 2003, and exactly why they might be headed for a breakup today. The Cougar relationship study conducted by internet dating website WhatsYourPrice shows Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s values were virtually identical back 2003 – both valued at approximate $70. But, because they age, Demi’s value happens to be slowly decreasing while Ashton’s value happens to be sharply rising. There clearly was a gap inside their value today of approximately $101 in Ashton’s favor, supplying the reason that is scientific Demi and Ashton are headed for a breakup, and just why many older feminine and younger male partners are more inclined to fail than older male and younger female partners.

Worth of Cougar and Cub in the long run (Demi and Ashton Value Curve)

The $101 value space that exists amongst the few today describes why their relationship is regarding the rocks, and exactly why Ashton may would rather connect with 23 12 months old Sara Leal who is respected at a number nearer to his.

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  • L . A ., CA (PRWEB) 03, 2011 october

    WhatsYourPrice, the very first and only website that is online first dates are purchased and sold, posted the outcomes of a dating research on Cougar and Cub couplings. The research provided the explanation that is scientific to why Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are headed for the breakup, and exactly why many Cougar and Cub relationships will probably fail.

    The common cost of over 180,000 date that is first made to attractive guys and attractive ladies had been calculated in accordance with their many years. The price that is average then plotted against age to derive the Cougar Value Curve as well as the Cub Value Curve, which ultimately shows the worth of a nice-looking man and a nice-looking girl through the passing of time.

    A survey was conducted where over 40,000 men were asked what factors affect their preferences for dating Cougars as part of the study. Link between the survey reveal the annotated following: 89% says it’s because Cougars tend to be more sexually experienced, 72% claims it’s because Cougars will pay when it comes to date, and 58% claims it is because Cougars come with less strings connected and so are less drama.

    “Ashton and Demi met in 2003 as he ended up being 25 and she ended up being 40”, says Brandon Wade, a dating that is leading and Founder of WhatsYourPrice who holds a BS level as well as an MBA degree from MIT. “According to our Cougar and Cub Value Curves, both had been respected really closely, which is why the coupling happened whenever it did.”

    In line with the research, the sensed value of appealing females top at more or less $166 when she reaches the chronilogical age of 25. Because of the time she turns into a Cougar, which will be generally understood to be a appealing girl over the chronilogical age of 30, her value is from the decline, losing just as much as $4.25 each year she many years. The research additionally discovers that the worthiness of an attractive male peaks as he reaches the chronilogical age of 34.

    “As Demi ages, her value has been around a gradual decrease while Ashton’s value is quickly reaching its top,” says Wade. “The $101 value space that exists involving the few today describes why their relationship is in the rocks, and exactly why Ashton may would rather connect with 23 yr old Sara Leal who’s valued at a number nearer to their. Although some more youthful guys are enthusiastic about older females, odds are it won’t last.”

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