Comment: Citizen housing panel maps Edmonds’ housing future. The panel’s recommendations are prepared for review and remark through the town council and community.

Comment: Citizen housing panel maps Edmonds’ housing future. The panel’s recommendations are prepared for review and remark through the town council and community.

The panel’s recommendations are prepared for review and remark through the town council and community.

By Edmonds Citizen Housing Commission / For The Herald

As soon as the City of Edmonds developed the people Housing Commission in 2019, it defined its mission: “Develop, for council consideration, diverse housing policy options made to expand the number of housing (including rental and owned) for sale in Edmonds; aside from age, sex, competition, spiritual affiliation, real impairment or sexual orientation.”

For 18-months, two dozen Edmonds residents, chosen by City Council, paid attention to the general public, researched housing problems, examined future requirements and worked as a group, with general public input, generate those choices.

The Citizens Housing Commission desired more general public input than virtually any Edmonds commission, including:

Four available homes, one in individual and three online.

Four surveys that are city-wide February to December 2020.

Every conference had been live-streamed, every action published from the populous City web site.

Significantly more than 2,000 residents took part in the available homes and surveys.

Their input in addition to concerns raised into the houses that are open form the proposals.

The Commission would not produce laws that are new zoning. Just the council can perform that. We supplied choices’ the populous city may give consideration to.

Among the list of goals that are commission’s

Our next-door next-door next-door neighbors ought to include our authorities, fire fighters, instructors, nurses and all sorts of whom make Edmonds a city that is real.

Our seniors will be able to downsize and afford payday loans AL to live still in Edmonds.

Our housing should offer less expensive choices, such as for instance little duplexes, cluster-style cottages, multi-family devices with conditions for reduced and middle-income families, detached dwelling that is accessory, housing young families are able and housing for veterans and the ones with disabilities

Associated with 15 policies submitted to your council, several focused right on housing kinds, including:

Develop design demands and zoning changes to enable home-ownership of two attached single-family homes (duplex or two-unit townhouses) in single-family residential areas appropriate for those communities.

Establish new single-family zoning that enables construction of zero-lot line duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes of just 1- or 2-story height positioned.

Close or along high-volume transportation channels.

Close to Neighborhood Business (BN) zoning districts.

Near to schools or medical buildings.

Develop sub-area plans, just like the one at Westgate, to reconsider areas zoned Business Neighborhoods, such as Five-Corners, Perrinville as well as others.

Sub-area plans can cause unique, thriving residential, social gathering places and stores to integrate lacking center housing and company and protect the environment.

Add group and cottage housing as a choice in single-family or areas that are multi-family.

Allow one attached or detached accessory dwelling product for a single-family home with development demands on size, ownership and parking.

Strengthen current design requirements for new multi-family dwellings to steadfastly keep up and improve the unique traits of Edmonds.

We ask Edmonds residents to allow the town Council understand that you help these recommendations that are policy every one of the Edmonds people Housing Commission proposals.

Forward your Council emails to: council

To see all payment proposals, visit

Develop the City Council will think about our policy proposals and tailor these tips to suit our community. The commission’s proposals would be the beginning of preparing an inviting and community that is diverse all.

The continuing future of Edmonds is as much as most of us.

Edmonds Citizen Housing Commission people and alternates: Tana Axtelle, Jess Blanch, Judi Gladstone, Tanya Kataria, Greg longer, Alena Nelson-Vietmeier, Rick Nishino and Bob Throndsen.

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